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Energy, oil & gas
Real economy

Digital integration / transformation

Blockchain solutions integration for real economy

Our technological solutions are focused on the real sector of the economy, our competences in the oil and gas industry give us a clear view of how DLT technology can be used in this sector.

Creation of a collaborative environment

Integrating a fully encrypted collaborative platform, that allows to communicate between team members, transfer files, making audio/video calls etc.

Integration management and digital security

Consulting and helping to pick the best security software and integrate protected infostructure to fit any need of nowadays business

Secure connections - construction of the digital security perimeter for all business processes

Our competencies will allow you to securely protect information and preserve commercial secrets by building an encrypted network between offices using advances equipment with failover and redundancy and implementing VPN solutions.

Consultancy in the field of Cybersecurity and Distributed Ledger

Building reliable and cost-efficient cybersecurity solutions to work with big data using decentralized or cloud solutions, private clouds, and hybrid clouds. Designing and implementing distributed network solutions of any kind and size.

System integration of any scale IT solutions

Building integration of IT and Blockchain solutions for any kind of platforms and needs. Our experience with machine vision, smart cities, decentralized solutions, mobile development and more allow us to use and create unique techniques and practices.


Mining and validation pool

Experience in creating mining pools and validation pools for proof-of-work driven blockchains

Development and customization application with distributed database and DLT

We are an experienced specialist in distributed ledger technology (DLT). All our solution could be integrated with governmental platforms or with corporate type business

Corporate tokenization

We have an experience in company tokenization with digitalizing assets mechanism. We are building a word class tokenization and STO solutions

Decentralized solutions

We creating turnkey multi-level solutions for cryptocurrency exchange with decentralized, internal and third-party liquidity integration and for payment infrastructure we building crypto-wallets for all kind of platforms

Intellectual development

Artificial Intelligence

We can provide any AI solutions with any type of integration from Smart Home to Smart Factory with full technical and consulting support.

Machine learning

Experience in creating original machine learning algorithms for solving issues like prediction mechanism, smart recommendation system, data analyzing and more.

Machine vision

We creating turnkey visual inspection software and processing to inspect for visible characteristics, analyze results, leading to increased automation and efficiency.

Voice recognition

Experience in creating distributed voice recognition network for using globally distributed computer power for Natural Language Processing.

Specialized development

Smart cities

We build software solutions for smart cities that help our clients use digitalized data and real-time analysis to manage city assets and resources efficiently.


We are an experienced team with software solutions for agriculture and help create AgTech ecosystem to push boundaries in the precision farming and improve their productivity.

Application development

Cross-platform applications development

For rapid integration and wide audience onboarding, the well-made cross-platform application will carry the advantage that users on many platforms have access to your product.

Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android)

In a world where everything is mobile first, we maintain a competitive edge in skill and experience to build, test and release your top-level mobile application

Third-party application integration

We have strong ability to deeply integrate third-party applications and CRM on every level (Siebel CRM, Google Docs API, SharePoint)

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